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One HTTP Handler to rule them all

Justinas Stankevičius wrote a post about writing HTTP middleware in Go. Having seen how Rack changed the Ruby web framework landscape, I’m glad Go has simple HTTP server interfaces baked in.

GitHub itself runs as a set of about 15 Rack middleware (depending on the exact environment that it boots in). They are setup in a nice declarative format:

# GitHub app middleware pipeline
use InvalidCookieDropper
use Rack::ContentTypeCleaner
use Rails::Rack::Static unless %w[staging production].include?(Rails.env)

# Enable Rack middleware for capturing (or generating) request id's
use Rack::RequestId

However, Rack actually assembles the objects like this:


This wraps every request in a nested call stack, which gets exposed in any stack traces:

lib/rack/request_id.rb:20:in `call'
lib/rack/content_type_cleaner.rb:11:in `call'
lib/rack/invalid_cookie_dropper.rb:24:in `call'
lib/github/timer.rb:47:in `block in call'

go-httppipe uses an approach that simply loops through a slice of http.Handler objects, and returns after one of them calls WriteHeader().

pipe := httppipe.New(

http.Handle("/", pipe)

This is how http.StripPrefix currently wraps another handler:

func StripPrefix(prefix string, h Handler) Handler {
  if prefix == "" {
    return h
  return HandlerFunc(func(w ResponseWriter, r *Request) {
    if p := strings.TrimPrefix(r.URL.Path, prefix); len(p) < len(r.URL.Path) {
      r.URL.Path = p
      h.ServeHTTP(w, r)
    } else {
      NotFound(w, r)

It could be rewritten like this:

type StripPrefixHandler struct {
  Prefix string

func (h *StripPrefixHandler) ServeHTTP(w ResponseWriter, r *Request) {
  if h.Prefix == "" {
  p := strings.TrimPrefix(r.URL.Path, h.Prefix)
  if len(p) < len(r.URL.Path) {
    r.URL.Path = p
  } else {
    NotFound(w, r)

func StripPrefix(prefix string) Handler {
  return &StripPrefixHandler{prefix}

Notice that we don’t have to worry about passing the response writer and request to the inner handler anymore.